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Different Methods For Jaw Angle Reduction In Singapore

Jaw reduction tends to narrow the lower third of the face, especially the lower jaw and its muscle attachments. There are several different jaw reduction techniques, some surgical and some non-surgical. Jaw reduction treatment is most common, where a slender jaw profile is preferred in public. 

One form of jaw reduction involves jaw reduction surgery or the mandibular angle area. The angle of the jaw (the connection between the back of the jaw and the lower jaw) is severed through a cut in the mouth. This changes the sharp angle of the jaw to a more rounded one. 

Reduction of the jaw angle without surgery means Botox injections. Although these muscle relaxants don't seem to work at first on long-term muscle contraction (atrophy), they do. 

Botox doses are quite high for each country (about 40 to 50 units) and should be repeated every 4 months or so for up to a year or so, but I have observed that muscle massage actually diminishes with the weather. 

Why the muscles contract in partial paralysis is not known (the ability to chew is not impaired) and the next question is do the muscles keep shrinking long after the Botox injection is complete. Proponents of this technique say that long-term clinical studies exist but have not been reported.