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Hire The Licensed Home Inspector?

First, you should know that some Realtors have a handy list of the best home inspection service in San Antonio, TX in their back pocket. This list, known in the business as a "short" list, or "preferred seller" list, is the holy grail for a home inspection company in San Antonio. To add to this list, few home inspection companies (names withheld to protect the guilty) will do just about anything they want to spend large sums of money, usually in the form of dozens of donuts, to local real estate offices across town. 

So how does one get on the shortlist?

By serving the interest of our customers (you home buyer) and doing a great job every time. Looks beautiful, doesn't it? A statement of high moral value, I say. You can see this kind of prose written on our marketing materials and plastered on our trucks.

Ah, maybe you haven't been introduced to the concept, a little grasshopper, a concept that lives and breathes within the wheels of our free-market capitalism. You see, if we are not as careful as inspectors in how we present our home inspection results, the buyer can get cold feet and walk away. Wait a second. press stop. We have a fuming agent here, can we have some water? One shudders at the thought of such atrocities. 

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So what does it take to become a home inspector in San Antonio?

Something you should know about your local home inspector. He is not licensed. Well, he may be a licensed electrician, a licensed general contractor, or any one of a dozen different trade classifications of the builder, but he is not a licensed home inspector. At least not here in San Antonio.

Many other states require home inspectors to be licensed, but not here. A more accurate statement for San Antonio home inspectors would be that a home inspector does not even have to be licensed. It is very easy to enter this field, and that is why it is difficult to separate the wheat from the husk.