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Learning the Core Competencies of the Lean Enterprise

SAFe 5.0 is constructed around the Core Competencies of the Lean Enterprise. These principles include big rewrites to the first five capabilities introduced in SAFe 4.6, combined with two completely new competencies–Organizational Agility and Continuous Learning Culture.

Each competency is a group of applicable knowledge, abilities, and behaviors that collectively, enable businesses to achieve business agility by providing the highest quality and value in the shortest renewable lead time. You can find the top and leading SAFe online course.

Each competency is outlined below.

Lean-Agile Leadership clarifies how Lean-Agile leaders push and maintain organizational change by enabling individuals and groups to achieve their greatest potential. They do so through leading by example, embracing a Lean-Agile mindset, also directing the shift to another method of working. 

Team and Technical Agility clarifies the essential abilities and Lean-Agile fundamentals and practices which high-performing Agile teams and groups of SAFe 5.0 teams utilize to produce high-quality solutions for their clients. The result is increased productivity, better quality, quicker time-to-market, and predictable delivery of worth.

Agile Product Delivery is a customer-centric method of defining, constructing, and releasing a more constant stream of valuable services and products to users and customers. This allows the company to provide alternatives that delight customers, lower development costs, decrease risk, and outmaneuver the competition.

Enterprise Option Delivery explains how to employ Lean-Agile principles and principles to the specification, development, installation, performance, and development of the world's biggest and most advanced software programs, networks, and cyber-physical systems.

Lean Portfolio Management aligns plan and implementation by applying systems and Lean thinking approaches to plan and investment financing, Agile portfolio surgeries, and governance. All these collaborations give the firm the ability to align strategy into implementation, to meet present responsibilities faithfully, and also to better empower innovation.