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Oceanic Art Facts And Their Influence On Western Art

It is not possible to cover a large amount of  oceanic art material in one article. For the sake of simplicity, this article is about sculpture. Oceanic sculptures represent ancestral gods, deities, or heroes. 

They are sometimes made on their own, but are often found as part of objects such as the tip of a fly. Art of oceania also includes bowls with weapons and jewelry.  Most oceanic art has a spiritual side. Motifs and figures are engraved on objects to make them stronger.

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oceanic art

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The sizes of ocean art can range from minuscule charms to monumental rock monoliths. Below is a visual guide to different types of ocean art, but they were not included due to the vast diversity in the Pacific.

Ocean art greatly influenced the development of contemporary Western art. This greatly influenced the style of Picasso Mathis and Vlaminck. This influenced many avant-garde artists and sculptors. Many of these artists are avid collectors of marine art, while others visit ethnographic museums.

The influence of ocean art coincided with changes in western art. Between 1870 and 1907 there was a gradual transition from a perceptual way of presentation to a conceptual model.