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Why You Should Use a Test Kit in Your Aquarium

There is no doubt that the aquarium will help brighten up your home as it contains brightly colored fish and other organisms which add a relaxing touch that is fun in the classroom. In order to successfully beautify your home and enjoy the best fish farming, it is important that you take good care of your aquarium. This article explains how a test kit can help you and why you should use a test kit in your aquarium.

This test kit is designed to help you determine if something is wrong with your aquarium and to help you troubleshoot problems. You can select the best marine test kits via The assay provides results for pH values, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate values. Monitoring these three levels is important because your fish may be at risk if one of the parameter levels exceeds the normal level.

Ammonia is very toxic to all living organisms in the aquarium. This can cause major damage to fish and other marine life. Ammonia is broken down in the aquarium by beneficial bacteria into a less toxic form called nitrate, which is then broken down into the least toxic form called nitrate.

This entire cycle of the final breakdown of ammonia to nitrate is known as the aquarium cycle. Ammonia and nitrate tests will help determine if the cycle is running smoothly or if additional action needs to be taken to speed up the cycle.

Limestone and shellfish are widely used to make the pH alkaline while floating trees and peat are used to make the pH acidic. It is important to check the pH regularly when buffering or changing the pH of water.