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All About Clear Bra Installation

When preparing to put a clear bra on the surface of your car, you need to follow a certain process to get better results. This process needs to be followed carefully, being careful to avoid anything that could affect the final result once the whole process is complete. Therefore, the general procedure to be followed while putting on a see-through bra is as follows;

Remove Movie

First and foremost you need to remove the foil from the fairing, return it to the exact size you need and when it's done, the slip solution is sprayed over it. You should also spray your hands so that no fingerprints are left on the adhesive side of the film. The spray also protects against dirt from sand and dust. You can easily find the Ceramic Car Coating Services In Thousand Oaks just by browsing the web.

clear bra thousand oaks

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Plate Preparation

Before applying the film to the car's surface, be sure to spray a light mist of slip solution onto the area where the film will be applied. This makes it easier to apply the film and slides easily into place without sticking to the surface.

Eraser Technique

Squeegees are probably the most common and appropriate for removing excess fluid from under the film and must be held properly to ensure that only certain edges are in contact with the film. The pressing and drawing process must be done carefully so as not to damage the film.