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Tips to Enjoy a Caravan Holiday!

There are many benefits to traveling by caravan during your trip. No matter if it is your personal caravan, or you rent it once you have the chance to own one, it will give you the flexibility to move around according to your needs. You can now get the best caravan conversions via

Caravan Holidays In Kerala From January 2022

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There is no need to think about making reservations ahead, making reservations for costly hotels, or negotiating last-minute discounts and hotel timetables. While you are away the caravan is your own home, giving you to be flexible.

The most popular locations for your caravan holiday include:-

Barmouth Bay: This is one of the most stunning spots located in North Wales. It's situated between mountains and the ocean. Barmouth Bay has a scenic harbour, and the bridge that crosses the river is ideal to stroll along in the evening. The historic town, with its slate-roofed cottages and steep steps, is situated in the midst of the mountain. The warm, sandy beach is perfect for a relaxing day and for children to enjoy a game of sand and play on the waves. 

Praa Sands: Located in Cornwell the area is known for having the top beaches in the UK. Families, bathers, surfers and a lot of tourists enjoy the beach in equal measure. It is also the home of Pangersick Castle, the most haunted castle in England. There are ghost hunts and Halloween celebrations that are held in this area. 

Hastings If you're looking for a relaxing seaside vacation close to London and the city of London, then holidays in Hastings are the ones you must be considering. If you want to ride a donkey along the beach or to explore the caves of smugglers, Hastings might be exactly what you're looking for during your next caravan trip.