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Get To Know About Different Types of Cracks

No house is perfect, whether you have a new home or an old one. The houses that are completed after construction also sometimes have cracks. The houses show cracks in the cosmetic coating and structural elements. You can get the ‘best repair of foundation crack via’ (also known as ‘meilleure rparation de la fissure de fondation via’ in the French Language).


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Types of cracks in wall foundations are:

Vertical cracks; The fact that a wall is cracked does not mean it has failed or needs corrective action. If the crack is narrow (1/8 inch or less), almost vertical, there is no lateral separation between adjacent wall sections and water does not flow through the crack, generally no action is required. These are shrinkage cracks and occur when moisture on the walls evaporates, causing the walls to shrink into holes created by flowing water. 

Restore cracks; Whenever concrete has an acute angle, the stress concentration occurs. This almost results in a crack known as retransmission crack that protrudes from the inner corner. It can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal when leaving a corner. This phenomenon occurs in almost all materials. 

Horizontal cracks; It requires more control than other types of cracks. Most of the walls of a residential foundation extend from the foundation. 8-10 inches concrete walls are usually strong enough to handle the forces exerted on vertical unreinforced walls. The exception is areas with high groundwater conditions or extensive soil conditions.