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How to Prevent Crashes and Stay Safe on your Bike?

In a crash with a car, a truck, or a wall, the loser is guaranteed to come up to you the cyclist. When you're riding a bike, the most substantial safety precaution you can take is to prevent crashes. That demands that you take a constructive stance: determine that keeping yourself safe is your work. Getting bike and bus lane pavement markings – green bike lanes for bicycles is probably the best way to be safe. 

Preventing accidents: Bicycle guidelines and rules on base > Air Force Safety Center > Article Display

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Here are a few specialist riders' tips and tactics: 

Allow yourself highly noticeable to yourself and your bike. A headlight should still be on your bike, ideally with an LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source and flashing red tail light. In order to increase the exposure, wear a reflective jacket and light-colored clothing. 

Your helmet should be light-colored or plain. By night, a black helmet won't be seen. 

Get a loud whistle, and don't shy away from using it. 

Using a handlebar or a mirror mounted on a helmet. Verify it periodically. When you don't know it's behind you, you can't dodge it. 

Often travel on the right hand side, with the direction of traffic.

Obey all laws governing traffic. Stop signals and red lights at the stop. Bicyclists are expected to follow the same road rules as other cars, including traffic signs, signals, and lane markers. 

Keep away from the streets that are busiest. When you're riding your cycle, the road that fits when you're in your car can be a tragedy. Plan ahead to search for alternative roads where there is less noise.