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50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

These suggestions will cover the selection of a location, selecting invitations, and ideas for photos during the celebration.


The planning of an event of this magnitude can give an air of planning the wedding. In a way, it is similar, particularly when you are deciding on an appropriate venue for the celebration. It is common to start planning as long as 18 months in advance of the date of the anniversary. This research stage could include calling local hotels asking these questions. You can get navigate to to get birthday party packages for your celebration.

  •  Is the room or facility available at the requested date and time?
  • Is there a cost or charge for access to the space?
  • What is the capacity of guests for the area?
  • Does the hotel provide catering?

Make It a Special 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

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 Once you've narrowed your choices to three venues, plan to go to each of them to see whether the space and room are suitable for your event. It is also an opportunity to discuss floral arrangements, table decorations, staffing, and gratuities with the hotel's management. Once you've found the ideal location for your celebration You may be required to sign a contract that outlines the date for your celebration and any additional details that you discuss with the manager of sales for the area.

Host Invitations

Start by making the guest list and determine whether you want to mail Save-the-Date cards. They can be found on the internet or at an office supply, paper, or greeting card retailer. There are numerous designs and themes to satisfy your preferences. If cost or time is an issue, think about emailing guests on your list Save-The-Date details.

Presents, and Memorabilia Cards

Many times, married couples celebrating this significant anniversary request that no gifts are given or even a statement such as this on the invitation card "No gifts, please and your presence is the best gift".

A unique way to honor this request and also provide the guests with a thoughtful and special gift is to ask every person who is on your guest list to sign and return an e-card. The memory card may be a meaningful or special photo, when desired, of time that was spent with the celebrant couple.