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Breast Reduction Surgery – Points To Know

There are a lot of reasons why women decide to have plastic surgery. Many it's about self-image and self-respect. For some, it is about their physical wellbeing. For all those women who consider breast reduction surgery often it is both. 

Breast reduction  known as reduction mammaplasty, this removes excess fat, connective tissue, and skin to give the individual a size that's in closer proportion to her body size.

breast reduction

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How can you know whether that kind of procedure is right for you? There are some questions that you should think about before making an appointment with your doctor. 

Have you got pain in your neck, back, and shoulders due to the excess weight? If that's the case, a breast reduction procedure may be right for you.

If you're thinking about having a breast reduction, then be sure to be completely open with your doctor. If you select your first consultation you will be asked questions about your general wellbeing.

Your health care provider will also want to know what medications you're taking, which comprises over the counter medicines such as Tylenol or aspirin, prescription medications, herbal vitamins, and supplements. He'll also want to know of any cigarette, alcohol, or other drug use.

Be prepared to talk about your complete medical history and be sure to include information about previous surgeries, drug allergies, medical conditions, and family history of breast cancer. Your doctor will examine you, take measurements, note things like nipple posture and skincare, and might also take pictures for your medical file.