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Bowling Party Ideas: Retro & Modern

These retro and modern bowling party ideas are easy to adapt to any age group. Here are some suggestions and tips for bowling party food and drinks, party invitations, decorations, and games.

Retro bowling parties need to be avoided. The retro bowling style is beautiful, and everybody love it. However, you will find it more difficult to arrange bowling alley birthday party nearby locations, decorations and supplies. You will have to either make them yourself or pay more for vintage-style items.

No matter if you are hosting a retro or modern bowling party, it is important to determine if the party will be held at a bowling alley. Here are some useful tips for hosting your birthday party in a bowling alley.

Before you send out your invites, talk to the bowling alley about reserving a set number of lanes. Next, agree on a cut-off date for you to confirm the number of people or lanes that you want to book.

Ask your guests to respond by a specific date (chase them beforehand if necessary) so that you can confirm final numbers with the bowling alley and adjust or decrease the number on hold as needed.

Some lanes have a party area where you can eat after your bowling session, while others simply allow you to set up a small table next to your lanes. You can check what is available so that you are aware of whether or not you have the option to bring your decorations or table dressings.

Check to see if your food is included in the package. You might be able to supplement it with your own to make healthy choices and/or birthday cakes.