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Types Of CART Services Available

Real-time communication access (CART), also known as real-time subtitles, is the generic name for the system CART professionals use to convert speech to text. A trained professional uses the keyboard or shorthand method to copy spoken language into written text.

CART captioning professionals have additional experience (speed and accuracy) compared to other clerks and stenographers. Display options include a computer, projection screen, monitor, or mobile device. Real-time text can be displayed full screen with large text at the front of the room, or text can be pasted on the same screen as a PowerPoint presentation.

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On-site CART is provided on-site for local meetings, courses, training, and special events. The provider imports and sets up the device on the site. Customers may need to provide a projector and screen. How does it work?

1) The speaker transmits the content information, 2) the audio content is then forwarded to the CART professional who then 3) transcribes the audio content into English subtitles so that the deaf/HH can access the content.

A remote CART is the same as an on-site CART, except that the supplier is located at a remote location. Voice is sent to the operator via a voice connection, such as a telephone, cell phone, or computer microphone, and text is sent back in real-time via a modem, Internet, or other data connection.