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Dietary Supplements That Actually Improve Your Health

With all the options for herbal and dietary supplements out there, how can you know what is good for your health? Although many of them will not do anything, some can harm you, rather than help you. 

Did you know that the federal regulations do not require supplement manufacturers to demonstrate the safety or effectiveness of the product before it is sold? No matter what you're considering adding your regular diet, consult with your doctor before you start. Read this article to know more about the ladies vitamins.

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Here are some supplements that are more effective and how they can help you.

Folic acid (or vitamin B9)

In humans, folic acid is essential for many metabolic processes. It helps with the synthesis of nucleic acids and the formation of the iron component carrier in red blood cells. 

Too little folic acid can prevent the proper maturation of red blood cells, resulting in anemia. In pregnant women, folic acid is essential for the formation of the brain and spinal cord in the fetus. 


Zinc works to help our immune system to function properly in addition to support protein synthesis. 

It is mostly found in immune cells and the strong muscles of the body but also plays a role in your eye, liver, kidney, bone, and pancreas. 

There are about 300 enzymes in our body that need zinc for normal functioning and 3000 proteins containing zinc. 


You already know you need calcium, but do you know what? More than just strong bones, calcium plays a key role in heart function and metabolism. 

Many people who do not get enough calcium are overweight because their bodies think they're starving and release hormones that promote fat production and limit its damage. 

Calcium also protects your heart, and promotes healthy blood pressure.