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The Growing Popularity of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is not a completely new concept. Recently, however, he has appeared in the field of public awareness. What exactly is cloud computing? This is the use of an external network for data storage and processing. When they move to the cloud, files and data are no longer stored on end users' computers.

Some may find this concept scary, but many others accept the change. If you do a lot of internet work or spend most of your computing time online, you've probably experienced some form of cloud computing. You can get information about #1 cloud computing services in Perth via

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Document storage is one aspect of cloud computing that is becoming increasingly popular among computer users. Traditionally, users store documents directly on their computer's hard drive or on an external storage device.

However, many people find that the cloud is ideal for collecting and storing documents. Services like Google Docs have created great word processing experiences that work right in the browser.

Documents are automatically stored on remote servers and are easily shared among people without the need to send attachments via email. This service overcomes the challenges of sharing work-related projects that require collaboration with documents.

Online backup services are another example of cloud computing which is becoming increasingly popular. Sometimes external hard drives fail resulting in data loss which is expensive to retrieve.

What happens if someone forgets to back up their data regularly? The risk of losing important files such as work projects or valuable family photos due to hardware failure makes online backup services very attractive.