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Repairing a Faulty Range Hood Exhaust System

The range hood is a reliable kitchen friend. It makes it easy to prepare food every day. The best thing about this appliance is its ability to remove smoke and food smells from the commercial kitchen and home. We do experience problems with the appliance over time and from wear and tear. 

The most common is a clogged exhaust. These paragraphs will provide you with some ideas for how to handle the problem yourself. If you are facing any kind of problem regarding commercial kitchen exhaust repairs, you can also hire a professional via

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Here's a list of things you should do.

1. Take the grease filter out of the range hood. Slide it off the clips that hold it to the appliance.

2. Make a small dish of hot soapy water, 1/2 cup ammonia, and a pan to hold the grease filter. Let it soak for at least 30 minutes to remove dirt and grime. Rinse it well and let it dry.

3. Remove the exhaust fan. You can remove the fan by using a socket and a screwdriver to unscrew it from its hood. Before you proceed, make sure the exhaust fan is turned off.

4. Clean the fan blades. You can do this by placing an old toothbrush in a solution of ammonia water and brushing it onto the fan blades. To avoid injury, use gloves for this task.

5. Clean the exhaust ductwork. To do this effectively, you can use a plumber’s snake with a heavy-duty rag tied around its end. Push the snake through the conduit-work. The rag should be soaked in the ammonia-water mixture. Next, run it through the ductwork. Rinse the rag, and then repeat the process until the duct appears clean.