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Why is Peer to Peer Lending Beneficial?

The way we invest has changed! In the 1990's owning large tracts of land was thought to be a sign of the wealthy. In the following decade and the move of estates into gold was an increasingly important factor in assessing the financial standing that a person. The situation is a bit different today.

Technology is at the forefront of this shift in the way investors invest from all categories who believed the need to adapt in the course of time. Peer to peer lending is a Peer to Peer lending platform serves as an intermediary between two people with similar requirements in terms of money. You can also know more about peer-to-peer lending via

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While the circumstances could be completely different, the basic principle is the same. Peer to peer lending became popular during a time when financials weren't working as expected. At the time, a well-known investment asset class was to be fixed deposit accounts, which was logical at the time as the rate of inflation was not all that excessive. 

Stock market or equity investments, on the other hand can increase in value as time passes. Studies have shown that the returns of equity investments outperform returns of other investments over the course of time. The average annual return for equity markets is about 16 percent. 

The loan seekers, also referred to as borrower in P2P lending terminology, gain quick accessibility to funds. The time it takes to disburse funds by the P2P lending platforms in India is extremely fast. There's a variety of reasons for obtaining these loans as well, ranging from financing weddings or planning a vacation. 


Crowdfunding Is a Child of the Social Networking Revolution

Crowdfunding changes the traditional idea of seeking large amounts of money from one source to seeking smaller amounts from multiple sources. This is done by using a network and a network to do this. This is made easy by the internet. You should create a profile for your project on a website. Then, use social media along with your personal network of family and friends to raise funds.

This is a great opportunity for criminals to make a quick buck in the online free-for-all. Crowdfunders must be authorized by the financial authorities in the Crowdfunder's jurisdiction. Even then, you should carefully consider the risks. You can also know more about property crowdfunding from The Home Bankers Club.

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Crowdfunding based on reward The investor does not expect a significant return on his or her investment. This could be best viewed as a donation, rather than an investment. Investors get shares in the company in which they invest. The investor takes the same risks as you and may reasonably ask for Due Diligence before investing.

A Google search for Crowdfunding Platforms returns 845 000 hits. Some of these may not be relevant. Many will not be honest or well-directed enough to be worth your investment. Some will be regulated, but not as crowdfunders but as Investment Advisors and Lawyers which gives them credibility.

Get help from a professional during the selection process. No matter which option you choose, too many "funders" can create an administrative burden that you don't need at a time when your time is precious. You need to choose the right platform for your project. Different platforms offer different services.