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Dryer Vent Cleaning – Prevent A Fire By Cleaning Your Dryer Vent In Toronto

Did you know that only 60% of moss is caught in the moss traps in household and commercial dryers? The remaining 40% is released outside. Over time, damp moss will accumulate in the canals. 

The result is like a clogged pipe that narrows over time, which can be a fire hazard. If you want to know more about the benefits of cleaning dryer vent cleaning systems then you can visit over here.

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Here are some signs that your air vents may need cleaning:

  • If your clothes dry for more than one cycle, or your clothes get very hot after drying, this is a good sign that the air vents need cleaning.  
  • If the clothes smell dry after drying.
  • If your dryer turns off or stops during washing, the item may overheat beyond the line limit. 

These are the advantages of ventilated dryer cleaner:

  • Reduce laundry drying time
  • Avoid the cost of replacing drying elements
  • Improve the quality of dry clothes
  • Save money on electricity bills
  • Avoid the fire in the dryer!

How to clean the air vents on your dryer. Here are the steps if you want to do it yourself. Get the right tools. For this job, you will need a vacuum suction hose and an extension hose of at least 3 to 4.50 m, depending on the length of your dryer's blower opening. 

You will then need a flexible cord with a brush on the end (available online) to run through the duct, and finally a dust mask and gloves to protect yourself from airborne mildew.

In case you do not have time to clean duct systems by yourself then you can also hire a professional to get your ducts cleaned properly.