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Reasons- How Can You Know If You Are Dyslexic Or Not?

We did not really start understanding dyslexia for about 25 years. And up to 10-15 years ago, schoolchildren were not regularly screened for conditions or were not selected at all. 

And thus, the 10% of the population that is dyslexia and primary finished before the start of screening has never been tested or diagnosed. You can even contact specialists to learn about dyslexia.

It is estimated that 90 to 95% of adult dyslexics are never passed dyslexia tests and are not aware of the reason for their differences. The most learned to hide their condition and become "dyslexic closet" without even knowing what dyslexia really was. 

Today, there are very few or no programs to identify and help an adult dyslexic. Ironically, many through dyslexia tests only after their school-age children are diagnosed with the disease. Knowing that there is a genetic link, education professionals frequently suggest dyslexia tests for all family members.

There are two levels of dyslexia test: general detection of nature and goes wide and shallow in its preliminary appearance and extensive professional tests, which are specific, in-depth, and testing for several possible problems. Screening tests are mainly questionnaires.

Sometimes, as in primary school students, it is a class position, where reading skills are tested and maybe all students from the lower half or reading skills quartile are projected for dyslexia. In these cases, the base of the projection is demonstrable reading skills or the lack of good results in reading skills.

In-depth tests are manufactured one on one with a trained professional expert who will test each of the different types of known dyslexia. Today, there are even adult dyslexia tests online, which can be done in the privacy of your own home or office; Wherever you have an internet connection.