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Inventory Management Software Features

Some of the main inventory management software features are discussed below:


A business organization may have permanent and temporary staff. Permanent employees are paid a salary, while contract employees are paid hourly.

Bonuses and commissions are paid to permanent employees. In addition to salary, compensation packages may include vacation, sick leave, vacation, health care, and retirement. For proper stock-flow, you can use intelligent WMS system.

As an employer, you may also need to purchase disability and life insurance for your employees. You will also need to calculate tax breaks for companies and employees. All of this makes effective wage management necessary

Real-Time Inventory Tracking: This allows you to track inventory in real-time between multiple stores and locations.

Tracking: Allows you to set an item's expiration date during or immediately after receiving the item.

Manufacturer Account Tracking: This allows you to select the manufacturer account when required for transactions.

Multi-level Categories: Allows maintenance of multi-level categories for easy management.

Currency Manager: This allows you to manage and calculate currencies for multiple geographic locations. It also makes it easier for you to exchange cash.

Relocation: Allows you to move inventory between multiple geographic locations.

Backup: Allows the creation and archiving of company data.

Reports: Allows reports to be generated in various formats according to customer requirements.

Inventory accounting software specifically for accounting. Make it easier for you to carry out financial activities such as financial reporting, banking and budgeting.