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Benefits of Using Onboarding Software for Employee Training

The typical recruitment process can make new employees feel uncomfortable and leave them with a lot of paperwork, information, and new faces. Using new hiring software from can make employees independent and productive in the first days of their new job. Here are some of the benefits of using employee embedding software:

1. Save on course fees

2. Reduce the time and effort required to create training resources

3. Easy and unrestricted access to installation materials

4. Highly scalable onboarding process

5. Enable independent learning and reduce dependence on teachers

6. Easily track employee progress and measure training effectiveness

You can learn effective and up-to-date learning materials with the onboarding software. You can view engaging experiences by choosing from a variety of content types – video, audio, image, text, or a combination of both.

Integrate tests and assignments in your onboarding software are created according to your training needs. Add different types of questions and assessments including multimedia, text and documents. Assess employee performance and provide feedback.

Monitor the performance of your employees and the effectiveness of your training materials using onboarding reports. Get useful information through onboarding and user reports to analyze any gaps and customize your training.

Use the onboarding solution guide to build knowledge together. Create effective documentation with articles and organize with guides. Share your guides and control access with flexible permissions.