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All About Frozen Food

Today you can't deny hearing how good fresh food is. People tell you to go to local open markets and shop locally.

That's all well and good, but what about those who don't have access to an open market or don't live near a pond to get fresh fish? You can buy frozen chicken meat via

I'm not denying that fresh healthy food is good for us, but there are several ways to buy fresh or frozen food.

If you can and have a budget of course. If you have a garden, it's even better because fresh fruit and vegetables can't be beaten.

Buying canned goods like fruits, vegetables and fish is not a good idea. When processing food, it immediately loses its nutritional value due to the curing process.

Besides, it doesn't have much taste and can spoil the delicious dishes you are cooking. If you can't buy fresh, make sure to buy frozen.

Food processing doesn't take away taste or nutrients and is a great way to make good healthy food. Many believe that buying frozen food is just as bad as canned food, but they are not.

Fresh food should be eaten immediately because frozen food can be put in the freezer for one or more days.