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How Do Microcurrents Work?

One of the most commonly asked questions I hear is "how/why does microcurrent work"? We undoubtedly observe a high percentage of positive clinical results – with these results in many cases greatly exceeding the expectations of patient and practitioner. This is especially true of practitioners who have previously used other forms of conventional electric stimulation or electro-acupuncture. In my classes and interviews I do my best to answer this question with the following points:

A. Microcurrent Facial can create an acupuncture-like sensation and relieve pain by encouraging blood circulation and energy flow throughout the body.

B. Polarized microcurrents can be used to restore the proper polarity patterns in the body and relieve psychological stress.

C. Microcurrents are a source of gentle energy that can be used to supplement areas lacking in it. They also help to drive cellular energy metabolism through the promotion of charge transfer of calcium ions through cell membranes, which increases ATP and nucleic acids production.

D. Color light and microcurrent stimulation can be used to relieve pain by enhancing physiologic effects.

E. Pulsed microcurrent stimulation, wavelengths of light and frequencies of light deliver specific frequencies of frequency to certain parts of the body, creating resonance effect. The stimulation equipment can help bring healthy, less-inflamed, or dysfunctional tissues back to normal, much in the same way as a tuning machine playing a guitar chord.