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High Pressure Misting And Fogging Systems

There's a new way to stay cool on hot days it is called nebulization and a high-pressure nebulization system. This innovative cooling system offers owners a system that will last for years and is practically trouble-free. They work well whether you use them indoors or outdoors. You can use it on the terrace or in your dining room.

The outside fumigation setup keeps the air moist in the greenhouse and also prevents the plants from drying out on very hot days; in some cases, this system has helped plants produce more than usual. Many people may not have heard of this type of system. This system uses a high-pressure mist nozzle and a water pump to spray small droplets of water onto the surface without getting wet. In addition, it does not leave residual moisture on furniture and appliances. 

High Pressure Misting Systems & Patio Misters - Misting Pros

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The fan flashes and sprays a fine mist from 1.5 to 1.8 m in front of the system, which completely dries the air and cools the air temperature by up to 25 degrees. The mist is placed under high pressure of 1000 PSI and causes the mist to evaporate completely like a 6-ton air conditioner. However, you can set the fan so that it doesn't flicker but has a fixed direction.

You can purchase these high-pressure nebulization systems by searching the internet where you can find several websites that offer them. You have the choice between a portable fog fan or a complete fog system, which comes with a stainless steel mist line and its own fog nozzles. The fumigation system and high-pressure fumigation are installed through the air duct, similar to a fire extinguishing system installed.