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Turn Your Home Improvement Into a Money Maker

Can you get money from the addition of the house? Over the years working with owner owners, I was often asked about adding a rented unit. I get this question more often during the economic decline. I think it’s understandable. You can get the best home addition services at

  • What is your true purpose?

Is this for temporary income? If so, is there a way you can rent a room instead of building extra? If it’s a sustainable need and a permanent solution, do you want a separate entrance, separate kitchen, and private parking area? Does the addition will have access to the rest of the house?

  • Why restrictions are charged

Almost every city, county, state/province, etc. Have restrictions or limitations about what you can do with your property. The reason for this varies but they are centered on salvation and money.

First, security. Building Authority is often responsible for limiting the number of families living at home and the number of housing or housing units in certain lots. It falls under a local code. Fire prevention, health services, water, and strength, etc. All have roots in security.

  • The way around the system?

If your property is categorized as a second home, then you might be in good condition. Maybe what you want, is to add to the house so you can rent out rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. You hope to add income for now and increase the value of your home in the long run.

Does the code allow this? Very often there will be a problem with adding another kitchen. The small kitchen can be fine but you have to check with the authority of your building. Some people add a small kitchen after construction is complete. I don’t recommend you do this.