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When your iPhone screen cracks

Have you ever been in a situation where you drop your iPhone on the pavement? Maybe she was getting out of her car and didn’t realize that her iPhone was there on her lap. Then when you go to stand up, the iPhone collapses and thumps when it makes contact with the ground and you stand there silently. Afraid to pick up the phone for what you know you can find out.

So you have the courage to bend down and pick up your iPhone to inspect it and bam! That’s when you see that your worst fears have come true. Your iPhone screen was completely cracked. Of course, it is not just a crack. There are about two hundred tiny cobweb cracks on your iPhone screen.

This is something that happens every day to thousands of people around the world. Although that fact does not make you feel better. All you want is for your iPhone to not have a broken screen. You can search for the various online sources.

But at the moment, this is just a fact of life for the iPhone. If you own an iPhone then you need to understand that you need to take certain steps to protect your iPhone so that bad things like dropping your iPhone and breaking the screen just don’t happen.

One of the best things you can do is buy an iPhone case for your iPhone. If you buy a good case, then if you drop your iPhone, you can at least have an extra layer of security on the phone so there is a much better chance that the phone will not break.

The only other option we had if our iPhone screen broke was to buy a new iPhone. And let’s face it, that’s the most expensive option. Most of us definitely cannot afford to replace all of our iPhones.