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Laser Beard And Ear Hair Removal

If you're a guy who is averse to getting up each day and shaving his beard, you might think about going to the laser hair removal clinic to see if laser hair removal is a viable alternative for you. 

It's fast being one of the top popular laser hair removal procedures, particularly for those who don't just shave during the day, but discover that they must shave after dark to keep that dreadful five o'clock shadow away!

Patients who have gone through laser treatments to treat persistent beard growth have said that it's a highly efficient, affordable, and easy procedure that is relatively painless. You can also book an appointment for laser beard sculpting in Bellevue at Caddell’s Laser & Electrolysis clinic.

laser hair removal

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One of the best benefits of lasers for beard treatment is that you don't need to be a one-size-fits-all procedure. If one wants to leave a little bit of a beard, chin hair, or goatee, he can. If he'd prefer to walk completely hair-free you can do that also. That is to say, laser beard sculpting can be a completely individualized procedure.

For the removal of hair using lasers the most effective candidates are those who have facial hair that is brown or black. This is because the beam of laser light is more easily attracted by darker-colored hair follicles. If you're fair-skinned however the beard you have is darker, then laser hair removal is likely to be successful.

Laser removal of beards is among the fastest procedures for removing hair and typically takes less than one hour to finish. Laser hair removal procedures are concerned, this one is among the most pain-free, however, for people with sensitive skin it is recommended that a topical anesthetic be applied before treatment.