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How Carbonless Paper Works in Australia

Carbonless paper is something most people have heard about. Some even use it as an eco-friendly alternative to carbon paper. What is carbonless paper exactly?

Carbonless paper is similar to carbon paper. It creates a duplicate of a document (usually the handwritten section) without the need for a printer, photocopier, or other electrical devices. For businesses looking to reduce environmental waste and increase productivity, carbonless paper is a great choice. You can find the best carbonless paper in Australia via

carbonless paper in Australia

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Carbonless paper works in a very simple way. The principle behind the carbonless paper is simple. When pressure is applied on the top sheet, pressure (from the point where a pen for instance) causes microcapsules (on the back of the sheet) to burst and spill their dye. This reacts with clay underneath, creating a permanent mark, giving off a nearly perfect copy. 

The entire process results in a duplicate of the original writing on the first sheet, which is transferred onto the next sheet. This gives the individual multiple copies. Carbonless paper can be manufactured in sets of 3, 4, or 5 parts. You can also order carbonless sheets separately to save some money. This glue is commonly called GiroForm glue.

Because carbonless paper can be used to quickly access duplicate copies, without the need for electricity or a machine, it is very popular. It can be a great way to provide receipts and invoices to customers while on the move or at work.

 Carbon paper, which is a better alternative to carbonless can take up twice as much archive space or landfill space and is generally more eco-friendly. Carbonless paper reduces paper waste and helps companies save energy, which allows them to remain competitive in a growing "big business" market.