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Why MDI SLP is Popular Among the Largest Companies?

Whether you’re a data scientist, business analyst, or IT professional, you can use our solution to analyze data and get results in minutes instead of hours. SLP offers comprehensive software for data analysis and reporting, including an integrated graphical user interface (GUI) with drag-and-drop functionality and hundreds of built-in functions. That is why more companies are switching to MDI SLP, which is the easiest and most reliable software. Visit the website at to know more. 

A visual solution was developed and supported by the company that invented mainframe computing. MDI SLP gives you all the speed you need to get better analysis results and deliver them faster. By looking across multiple data sets, it can deliver results in 5 minutes while others take hours or days. SLP leverages the off-host processing capabilities of the MDI MDX environment, to provide significant performance gains for your SAS applications. It frees up CPU cycles on your host for other applications and reduces the load on your system resources.

Here are the benefits of using MDI SLP:

– Reclaim valuable MSUs

– Save DASD storage for other vital workloads

– Retain Mainframe controls for scheduling, security, & distribution

– Add additional capabilities such as graphics rendering

Install now and enjoy profits in just 7 days.