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All About Jewish Gifts

When we look for something exquisitely created gift item Jewish gifts certainly fulfill the wish. They are traditional and created by imaginative and talented craftsmen. Jewish artwork has a special appeal and is very much in demand.

They are brought from Israel, where they are mostly made by hand. Judaica shadow boxes, 3D artwork, kiddush wine glasses, judaica art paintings are some examples of Judaica artwork rendered. 

Gift-giving is very important in Jewish culture, and there are many occasions when the community exchanges gifts. Gifts also have a symbolic character and are used on appropriate occasions.

Jewish gifts are mostly works of traditional art and centuries-old practices. The traditional gift-giving is when the baby is eight days old and circumcised. A suitable gift for such an occasion is a Jewish birth certificate. During bar mitzvah celebrations, it is again a ritual to bring gifts. Gifts such as a Sabbath candlestick or Hanukkah menorah are brought to the wedding.

Jewish jewelry is an important part of a Jewish gift. As they are believed to radiate positive energy, they are mainly given to ward off evil and negative energies. They also made a fashion statement and were equally popular with non-Jews.

Hamsa necklaces and pendants, Kabbalah jewelry in Swarovski crystal and Star of David, Kabbalah rings, engraved Kabbalah bracelets, and more. It is a distinctive piece of jewelry that is popular among the Jews.

Kabbalah jewelry is very popular among Jews and non-Jews alike. Kabbalah represents the mysticism of the Jewish religion. It shows the inner meaning of the Jewish religious text.