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All About Cairns Private Schools

As the Cairns District gets ready to switch off from the national grid, there are a number of big changes waiting for students.

One of the biggest changes is that students will no longer be able to access laptops and other electronic devices during school hours. This is because the district will be switching to a completely renewable energy source. You can find the best Cairns private schools via

private schools near me

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The Cairns District is set to switch off this weekend, and as students gear up for the big changes they’re about to experience, here are 4 of the biggest.

1. Less noise

One of the most noticeable changes students will notice when the district switches off are the lack of noise. With no traffic, people, or animals around them, students will be able to focus in their classrooms and study in peace.

2. More light

Another major difference students will notice is the increased amount of natural light. With windows open and artificial lights switched off, students will be able to sleep better and feel more alert during the day.

3. Safer streets

With less traffic on the roads, there is a decreased risk of accidents happening. This means that students can walk around Cairns without feeling unsafe and worry-free.

4. More green space

With more trees and greenery surrounding schools, it is easier for students to get exercise and have a healthy environment outside of school hours too. Not only will this make them healthier physically, but it will also improve their concentration in class!