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Tips For Working With American Sign Language Interpreters Virtually

Almost overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we communicate. Everything from school classes to workshops to church services is now practiced virtually.

If you want to make these online events accessible to everyone, you may need to engage an American Sign Language Interpreter (ASL) when asked to do so by people who are deaf or hard of hearing. You can also look for the best religious sign language interpreter via

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Below are the tips below to make sure your meeting runs smoothly and provides the best experience for all attendees.

1. Ask for service at the right time. As the meeting host, ask the invitees to submit their accommodation requests at least one week before the scheduled meeting. When planning requests, include virtual invitations with date, time, and platform details.

2. Meeting duration and team interpreter. If your appointment lasts more than 1 hour, two interpreters (team) are required.

3. Give me an agenda. As the meeting host, send a simple plan of the topics you plan to discuss with invitees and interpreters in advance of the scheduled meeting.

4. Turn on non-verbal chat/meeting settings. Use the raise or chat feature to moderate the discussion.

5. Appoint a meeting moderator. Moderators are responsible for determining who wants to talk, monitoring the chatbox for comments, making fair turns, and enforcing rules for audio/video exclusions.

Start your meeting by reviewing the ground rules for communication. Tell your audience about your communication expectations. These rules might include: Consider turning off audio/video if you don't have a floor.