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How to Properly Regrout and Recaulk Your Shower?

There are a variety of methods to clean and seal the shower or bath, but there's only one method to complete it right so that your shower will remain water-proof, stainproof, and stunning for years to come. The first step is to completely cleanse your shower. A lot of showers with a dirty look have soap scum accumulation that needs to be cleaned thoroughly before any regrouting process can start. 

It is crucial to employ an expert soap scum removal product, as well as an expert scrub pad to remove debris and soap scum that has accumulated on the shower's walls and floors. You can visit to avail caulking services.

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A truck-mounted professional steam cleaning machine can help to speed up the cleaning process, but using expert soap-scum removal equipment, scrub pads along with an adequate amount of elbow grease can be extremely efficient in eliminating all the soap scum off the shower's walls and floors.

The next step is to get rid of the old, moldy, and dirty grout as well as caulk. It is crucial to get rid of all old caulk that has accumulated inside and around the shower. The best method of removing the old caulk is to employ a razor blade and scrape it out within and around your shower. 

After the caulk that was used previously has been removed, it's now time to clean all the shower grout. There are numerous tools that can be used to accomplish this but the most effective option is the Fein Multi master or Supercut vibrating tool that has diamond bits.