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Women Empowerment- The Psychological Aspect

It's been many years since "women empowerment" was a common theme in your discussions. However, it is important to note that, while you were trying to make women more effective in the realms of economy, society, education, politics, and so on. You can find more information about self-empowered women via

self-empowered woman

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You forgot the importance of helping women in their psychological development. you have completely forgotten how crucial it is to develop the minds and brains of women first to empower them as independent, and in a real sense empowered. 

As You are all aware, empowerment can take place when there is powerlessness. As women are often considered to be a species that is marginalized in comparison to males, it is our responsibility to help women realize that they're worth more. 

Of course, there are no classes in the classroom that can enable women to realize their value, but as human beings, our most basic duty to do is to provide women with the appropriate support from outside and intervention.

To encourage women to be more psychologically confident in order to empower them psychologically, you must remember that reverse psychology may play a major role. 

That means that once you make women realize the potential they have then they'll eventually start believing in themselves and this is when their confidence levels would increase.