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How Do You Self-Publish Your Book

So you have decided to be a successful self-publishing author. Well, congratulations. Self-publishing is a great path that many independent authors take but only a few reach the end.

There is so much that goes into self-publishing a book. However, with the availability of online tools, it is now possible to learn to self-publish & market your books through courses & coaching. Thanks to technology.  Here in this article, you will get some really useful tricks to self publish your book and keep it selling

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Cover and Design

During this step, you have already done all the writing and editing. You must be able to choose the right cover for your book. This is the first thing your reader will notice so make it appealing to them


Usually, readers go into the title when scanning. If your title is plain and blunt then clearly nobody will find it interesting. So make it catchy. Let it leave a question to your reader that will lead them to buy your book because they want to know the answer.


Do not be too high on prices. It discourages readers. There are several books which might be on the same topic as yours and are cheaper.

Self-publishing provides you with complete happiness and satisfaction. The fulfillment you feel afterward is priceless. So what are you waiting for? Self-Publish now and be happy.