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Know More About Snorkeling In Hawaii

With a tropical climate, beautiful beaches and the most impressive marine ecosystems, the Big Island of Hawaii is a FOUND snorkelling destination. Hawaii is made up of eight main islands, with the Big Island twice the size of all the other islands combined. 

Large islands are usually less populated than other tourist destinations. With 266 miles of clear blue coastline, the Great Islands are the perfect snorkelling destination away from the crowds. You can avail the benefits of Snorkeling Tours Kona from various sources.

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 Benefits of snorkelling on the Big Island 

Most of the Big Island's snorkelling spots are on the drier west side of Hawaii. Several snorkelling spots are accessible from the beach, and the better ones are from the rocky shore. Pulau Besar has the healthiest coral formations that appear to have grown in the last 10 years. From 5 to 25 feet deep to 50 to 30 feet deep, you can explore Hawaii's water treasures. 

Best time for snorkelling

While Hawaii is great for snorkelling all year round due to its tropical climate, summer is the best time to go. Winter temperatures can reach 82°F and snorkelling can be difficult when the water is cold. During summer it registers a temperature of at least 74'F and gives you warm water. 

In winter, the northern waves bring the biggest waves, which turns out to be the best time for surfing, not snorkelling. In summer the sea is calmer and you can snorkel undisturbed. Another important factor that affects snorkelling is rain.