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How Residential Solar Installation Works?

The best way to make a difference in the world and save money is through residential solar installation. To ensure safety for residents using the residential solar system, it is important that all components are high-quality and manufactured by reliable companies. You can find the best residential solar systems via

Let's find out what these components do and how they make your solar rooftop system work.

Solar panel – A solar panel is a collection of small dark blue components, called solar cells. These cells work on the principle of photovoltaic effect or becquerel effect. These cells are composed of pure silicon semiconductors that generate electric current when they are illuminated by sunlight.

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Solar inverter – Solar panels on the roof produce variable DC or direct current. However, our household appliances operate on utility AC or alternating current. It is therefore necessary to convert DC to AC before you can make use of the panels' current. 

The Solar inverter, which is specifically designed for PV systems, comes into this equation. Inverter is mounted behind rooftop panels and supplies AC to the net meter. It matches the utility-supplied phase.

Net meter – The household's power generation is recorded by the net meter. Panels often produce more electricity than the household uses during noon when the sun shines at its peak. You can even search online for more information about residential solar systems.