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Synthetic Turf For Dogs

Artificial turf is the ideal alternative to natural grass for households with any breed of dog. All synthetic turf products on the market are specially designed to withstand use by pets. 

There are several reasons why artificial turf is perfect for families with dogs. Dog houses and dog shows have used artificial turf because of its pet-friendly nature. Also, some dog owners and dog households are happy with artificial turf for several reasons.You can buy the best quality artificial grass for pets via Precision Greens.

Artificial turf products are made of polypropylene and polyethylene. These components are then melted together and extruded into long thread-like threads which are then tripped together.

All materials used are non-toxic to all dogs. If any part of the product is swallowed, it does not pose a serious threat to the life of the pet. Washed sand is used to help the synthetic grass blades maintain they're upright aesthetic even after extensive use.

Even the largest dogs trying to dig their way through the grass cannot damage artificial turf because of its thick undergrowth. Most artificial turf products are guaranteed for up to 10 years if the grass is cracked or damaged.

The latest synthetic turf products are designed to look and feel like natural grass. New technological breakthroughs in engineering have enabled the artificial turf industry to produce synthetic turf products that closely resemble real grass.

Your dog will enjoy the comfort and feel of a natural garden. Dogs love the feel of artificial turf, while owners don't have to worry about the lawn getting stained with real grass.