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Why Custom Dress Shirts Are Best?

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As the name suggests, bespoke dresses are made to your size, shape and physique. It's made especially for you. Once you feel comfortable with a personalized shirt, it's impossible to go back to a shirt that somehow never fits.

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Even if you wear a 16/34 shirt without luggage, the options are always limited. Stores rarely offer the range of fabrics you can find from your specialty shirt maker, where hundreds of fabrics of varying weights, patterns, and qualities are available in your sizes. 


When was the last time you could choose between different styles of collars, cuffs, pockets, and fronts, like wide collars, slanted French cuffs, or sporty fronts? Or how about something really special for that matter, like a black shirt with a white collar and white cuffs? All of this is possible with a bespoke gown.


Excellent craftsmanship and delicate fabrics are the hallmarks of tailor-made dresses. Imagine a collar and cuffs that stay tight and fresh. Do you want to know the secret? Custom made shirts have 20 stitches per inch compared to commercial shirts which only have 12 stitches.


Taking all these points into account, your personalized shirt is as individual as your own handwriting. There is no other place!


When you consider all the advantages, a made to size dress is really good value for money, much better than ready made and in some cases even cheaper than expensive designer shirts.