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Transmission Repair – Fluid Leaks and Faulty Solenoids

There is a myriad of components that make up a car: engine, brake system, electrical system, and, of course, the transmission system. The transmission is composed of a variety of parts and is an integral component of the vehicle. Having it replaced or rebuilt can sometimes mean big bucks for the owner of the vehicle.

However, not every problem in transmission repair requires a solution that is quite that drastic. Two problems that are similar and often seem to go hand-in-hand are fluid leaks and faulty solenoids. The transmission fluid is either a pink or red color, it is sticky and may even smell slightly sweet. It's very easily distinguished from other fluids inside the car (gas antifreeze, brake fluid oil, etc.) The transmission is comprised of a variety of components- the bell housing gears and the filter to mention the most important.

A lot of these parts move throughout the time the car is in running gear. They alter their motions when a driver shifts or changes gear. The parts need to be lubricated to accomplish this. The purpose of this fluid is to ensure that all the components are clean and lubricated so that they do not wear out. In the event that the liquid is leaky, one will notice a significant variation in the sound they hear in their movement. This will indicate that your transmission needs repair.  You can call expert transmission repair services via for your vehicle. 

The solenoid is also key to making sure the parts stay well lubricated. If someone goes in with low fluid levels, the transmission repair technician will also check this part. The solenoid is responsible for controlling how much fluid enters the system.

If it somehow becomes broken or damaged, the flow is interrupted. It will either be starved for fluid or will become flooded. Neither of the scenarios is very good. A problem with this part can lead to all of the same effects as a leak- grinding noises, slower shifting, etc. Transmission repair, when addressed quickly, does not have to cost an absolute fortune like many people think it does.