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Skylights For An Energy Efficient Home

Skylights are a great way of minimizing heating, cooling, and lighting costs as they provide natural light, heat, and warmth. The home must be built to suit this requirement and proper elements must be installed in the right manner. You can also buy Velux skylights, roof windows, and sun tunnels online.

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You can maximize the energy efficiency of skylights in the following ways.

Optimizing design: The first consideration would be to determine the kind of skylight and its right positioning. To do this, it is necessary that homeowners understand how skylights help in making the home energy efficient. One indicator is the 5-star rating system. This shows how effective the unit will be in different seasons. Before remodeling the house or building a new house, it is necessary to incorporate energy efficiency as an integral part of the entire design.

Size: The size of the skylights directly affects energy savings. It might be tempting to believe that bigger skylights mean more energy efficiency. But, that is not true. The rule is to opt for a skylight that is 5% more than the floor area in rooms with windows and to opt for skylights lesser than 15% of the floor area if there are few windows. 

Heating is also affected by the position of the skylights. Skylights that face the North provide light but keep the room cool. Those facing the East give copious morning sunshine while those facing the West bring in lots of afternoon sun. Skylights facing the South are best for winters but may lead to uncomfortable temperatures in the summers.

Energy efficiency may be increased through the use of special panels that help temperature control or by installing skylights where they are shaded from the hot rays of the sun. It is possible to make skylights more energy efficient by controlling slope or tilt. A low slope lets in too much summer sun while keeping out the winter sun.