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Vulnerability Scans for E-Commerce Sites

Scan for vulnerability

Vulnerability scanning is an automated method to identify security holes (or vulnerability holes) in the network. A network could be either internal (LAN) as well as outside (a webserver). 

A vulnerability check warns the network administrator of the ways in which an attacker could penetrate or destroy the system. It's a preventive tool. Once you have seen the results, it's the responsibility of the administrator to be aware of them and decide what to do. You can also appoint experts for continuous vulnerability scanning by surfing the internet. 

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A vulnerability scan of the IP address (or server, as the IP address is the server) can provide a substantial amount of data. Much of the information is useful for understanding the way your server functions. 

1) Guard your login information

The most popular way for hackers to gain access to information is getting access to the correct login information such as username and password typically. The most effective thing you can do is to protect the information. Don't divulge it to anyone else and make it difficult to deduce and update it regularly. 

2) Monitor logins

Install software to keep track of the time, IP, username/password, and time of every user that has been logged in. In the event that there's a problem, it is much simpler to identify the cause.

3) Backups should be kept.

However good your security is, there's always a chance that things could happen. It could be due to a hacker or it could be a hardware malfunction. It's always recommended to have current backups that are easily accessible. For networks with large numbers that are large, the RAID system is best.