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Tyre Recommendations For Your Application

Different applications require different forklifts, and therefore different tyre types. We’ve outlined some common applications below with our recommendations. Make sure to check before buying tyres that our recommendations suit your situation.

Indoor Applications :

Indoor applications that have no debris on the floor surface are best suited for cushion tyres. In this environment, cushion tyres last longer, provide increased maneuverability and improve traction. To get the best suitable forklift tyres, visit

Outdoor And Rough terrain Applications :

Outdoor and rough-terrain applications generally use pneumatic or solid pneumatic tyres since they offer better traction and increased stability on uneven, loose terrain.

Warehouse Applications :

Applications, such as warehousing, that frequently use order pickers will often use polyurethane tyres. In fact, order pickers almost exclusively use polyurethane tyres since they can improve upon the expected battery life of the machine and provide additional stability and traction. 

Sensitive Applications : 

Sensitive applications, such as food, paper or printing are often required to use non-marking tyres , because these tyres do not leave any marks behind and help you in keeping your workplace clean.

Oil Spills

If your environment experiences standing oil or consistent oil spills, consider using polyurethane tyres, which will resist the oil and experience less breakdown.

With the help of this article, now you can easily choose the right tyres according to your applications.