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Why Do You Need a Pool Cover Roller?

If you have ever installed a swimming pool cover, you already know that you need a pool cover.

Make the most of the pool roof – only to make full use of it, such as: warmer water, shorter cleaning times, lower pool costs, you need to use your cover.

For most people, you only do this if the cover is simple to remove. In most cases, the automatic pool cover roller can removed in less than a minute.

Without one, it would take about 10 minutes. And then you have to try to fold it and keep it. This is about ten times more difficult than folding a sheet of paper.

The pool rollers evenly distribute the load on the cover when removed. In addition, the lid rolls up well, so it is easy to store when not in use.

Without rollers, there is a risk that the roof will break and scratch stones, rocks, or fences. And it's even more likely if you try to make it through the pool gates, which is a bad idea at first.

Despite their high price and lower cost, hand pool rolls are suitable for most people.

Pool cover rollers can take up a lot of space at the end of the pool. For some people, this role is impractical because it doesn't fit.

For those with limited space, there is another option called a covered roller pool or ground cover. This allows the roller to become embedded in the ground. This leads to a subtle, almost imperceptible finish.