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Why Sports Dentistry Is Essential For Active Athletes

Sports Dentistry mainly involves gum protection, teeth, and hard or soft tissue in the mouth using mouth guards installed properly. However, this field of dentistry does not only apply to professional or school athletes but even to normal individuals who need specifically designed mouth protection like those who snore.

But the advancement of sports dental medicine is clearly proven in professional sports where head equipment includes mounted guardians specifically to protect athletes from injury. There are many dentists in Australia that provide specialised dental treatment for athletes.

For safety of head, sports administrators at school also require their student-athletes to wear facial masks and other protective faces, mouths, and head equipment to prevent injuries caused by accidents. Oral bodyguards are not only made to protect teeth, it also stabilizes and protects temporomandibular joints and covers them from strong impacts.

It also reduces injury to soft tissue such as gums, sides of the inside of the cheeks, and lips. Some known sports that require the use of guards and gears include football, hockey, boxing, motocross, BMX bikes, skiing, lacrosse, and driving racing cars.

There are several types of mouthguards available and they are different in the material used. Some examples are mouth guards made specifically from sports equipment stores, artificial mouth guards, and types of boils-and-bites.

Custom-custom mouth guards, on the other hand, are made accurately according to the athlete's teeth structure. These are usually made of acrylic with inner layers made of soft material for comfort but the outer layer is made of acrylic that is more difficult for protection. There is also the wear of performance improvements that protect the jaw.